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Marine Engines

Want that motor running like new?

We have been in business longer than anyone else has that you will find on the Internet. Our company has offered marine engine repairs in Houston for over 84 years. We’ve got the experience and results to turn any marine engine back into a powerhouse.

We work directly with you

We are not a re-seller. Many companies buy cheap inferior rebuilt marine engines and mark them up 50% or more and then sell them to you. If you have a question or problem, you are sent back to whom they bought the engine from, instead of dealing with the company directly. We sell our products directly to you and not through some middleman or a third party web site.

Get the finest quality engines

Our machinery is all new and state of the art. None of our marine engine rebuilding equipment is even over 5 years old. On top of that, as newer equipment becomes available, we are steadily replacing any outdated machinery with newer, more sophisticated cutting edge equipment to give you the best in marine engine repairs. We make sure that you receive the highest grade marine engine work anywhere in the greater Houston area.

Why choose us for your Marine Engine Repair?

The company president, Harry Hartley II, sits on the board of directors of the Production Engine Remanufacturers Association, which only an elite few remanufacturers are accepted in to. Mr. Hartley is in the machine shop everyday still, personally assisting the remanufacturing process to further ensure that you are receiving a top quality remanufactured boat engine.

Why is the pricing so generous?

Our prices are extremely reasonable because we are not distributing through a middleman. We are able to get you factory direct pricing on almost all parts. We do all of the same procedures as many remanufacturers around Houston, and we still make sure to sell our marine engines and transmissions for half the price of other remanufactured organizations. If you need premium grade rebuilt marine engines, then Thunderbolt is the place for you.

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We have been in business longer than anyone else has that you will find on the Internet. Our company has offered re-manufactured marine engines for over 84 years.

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