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Quality Car Repair in Houston TX

When it comes to auto repair shops Houston, it is important to work with a company that values integrity and has their client’s best interest in mind. Most people have experienced pushy mechanics who upsell services that were never necessary. At Thunderbolt we make sure every person who walks through the door can rest assured we will give accurate information and repair their vehicle as quickly as possible.

What Makes Thunderbolt Car Repair Better?

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Below are some things you will never experience at our car repair Houston TX shop.

  • Scare Tactics- It is not uncommon for car mechanics to use scare tactics to pressure clients into additional, and often unnecessary services.
  • Blank Authorization Forms- Believe it or not, there are mechanics who will ask customers to sign a blank authorization form prior to beginning work on a vehicle. This is a major red flag and should deter a client from choosing to use that mechanic. We will never ask you to sign a blank document.
  • Lack of Technology- Some mechanics tell their clients that they are so familiar with vehicles that they don’t need even the most common tools, such as an engine analyzer. Our technology and equipment is up to date and help us provide the best possible data to our clients.
  • Double Labor Charges- Replacing parts such as the timing belt and water pump, are done quickly and with virtually no extra time required to take care of one after the other is in place. Some mechanics charge separate full labor charges for tasks that actually didn’t take extra time at all. Byauto repair Houston Texas choosing Thunderbolt you are choosing a company that is honest 100% of the time.

Professional Work at Low Prices

Thunderbolt is Houston’s #1 affordable transmission repair and car repair shop. We got that way by doing quality work, with integrity. Don’t hesitate to contact us about your car repair Houston TX needs.

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We have been in business longer than anyone else has that you will find on the Internet. Our company has offered re-manufactured marine engines for over 84 years.

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Thunderbolt is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. Awards for Excellence & Winner of Distinction from the Better Business Bureau.
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