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Our dedicated team of automotive experts are always here to answer to answer your questions or concerns about engine rebuilds, transmission repairs, cylinder head work and marine engines. Please feel free to contact our local Houston area staff today to schedule a consultation for your visit. We offer premium engine rebuilds and many other auto repair Houston area services. At Thunderbolt, we also extend nationwide shipping on rebuilt engines. Please reach out to our staff for details.



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Used Engine Sales: What to Expect

When your engine goes out in your car, there’s isn’t much you can do. You can always buy a new car, which is expensive, buy a new engine, which is still expensive, or buy a used engine. Used engine sales can be daunting to even the most experienced car buff, though.  Here at Thunderbolt, we want you to be sure of your new-to-you used engine.  Check Engine Compatability This may seem like a no brainer when looking for a used engine, but it is an important step. Not only does the engine need to be able to fit into the engine bay, it also needs to couple properly with your car’s transmission. Make sure that any engine you’re considering is the right size for your car. Start the Engine This may seem like another given, when deal with used engine sales, but it’s an important step! Always ask to start the engine before purchase. It may take some extra work, but insist on it. Just because the engine looks good, doesn’t mean that it’s going to run the way you want it to. Test the Engine It’s always best to check and test your engine before purchasing it. After starting the engine, listen for grinding or whining noises; it’s usually a sign that the flywheel has worn-out teeth. If the pitch of the engine rises and falls while it’s idiling, it probably means that the cylinders have been worn down. Always remeber to try and remove the spark plugs! If they’re covered in oil, or have a white residue build up, it could mean that the engine has an oil... read more

Transmission Problems

Think You Are Experiencing Transmission Problems? It’s never a fun day when your vehicle starts under performing or making noises that you don’t understand. There’s a good chance that if you aren’t getting the responsiveness or power you used to than your car is having transmission problems. Here are a few key symptoms to look for if you think this may be the case. Grinding or Shaking While Accelerating Dragging Clutch Noises While in Neutral Clunking or Grinding Noises Car Refuses to Go Into Gear Fluid Leaking from Underbody Unresponsive Accelerator Check Engine Light On What can I do? It’s very difficult to diagnose a transmission problem yourself, especially without professional training and experience. The best course of action is to seek out a reliable transmission repair shop near you and have the vehicle diagnosed. Thunderbolt Engines has over 84 years of experience in this line of work and has repaired every make and model of transmission you can imagine. We serve the greater Houston area in all aspects of transmission and engine repair. If you think anything may be wrong with your vehicle’s transmission, bring it in to Tbolt today. Our team can quickly analyze and assess what the problem is and just how to go about fixing it. Just ask anyone around Houston about the quality work that Tbolt can do for you. We keep a large stock of transmission in inventory to ensure that your transmission repairs can go as quickly as possible. Even if we don’t have your exact component, we can remanufacture a transmission for your vehicle in about 36 hours. Where else can you get... read more

Transmission Repair Houston

The Champions of Transmission Repair Houston TX We’re Thunderbolt For A Reason Thunderbolt has been serving the hard working people of the greater Houston area for over 85 years. Therefore we conquer with transmission repairs and remanufacturing. We have professional experience with nearly every type of engine. Most of all from any make or model you can imagine. That includes all domestic and foreign engines. The transmission is right on the heart of your vehicle. As a result it’s something that deserves only the best maintenance and care. Trust the professionals at Tbolt to get your transmission repairs done right. We pride ourselves in doing honest quality work that will last you for years on end. Having issues with your transmission? Keep an eye, or an ear, out for the warning signs of transmission problems. Most of the time you can identify trouble before it strikes. Watch out for a burning smell coming from the engine, stutters when in idle or while accelerating, odd noises coming from the engine, or especially if you notice fluid leaking from the vehicle. These are common signs that something could be wrong with the vehicle, and many could mean you need transmission repair Houston TX. Here is a little more information on Transmission Problems You Can’t Ignore. Before you risk having your vehicle breakdown, let our team at Tbolt fully optimize your transmission to keep you on the road and moving forward. All of our repairs are performed by our professional team of mechanics and technicians to guarantee that you’re getting your transmission back in perfect optimized condition. We only work on hardest on transmission repair Houston. After... read more