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General Motors Marine Engines

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CID Liters Cylinders Description
 181 3.0  4  
 250 4.1  6  
 262 4.3  V6 2 Piece Rear Main Seal
 262 4.3  V6 1 Piece Rear Main Seal
 262 4.3  V6 Roller Lifters – Balance Shaft
 283 4.6  V8  
 305 5.0  V8  
 327 5.4  V8  
 350 5.7  V8 2 Piece Rear Main Seal
 350 5.7  V8 Tall Heads
 350 5.7  V8 Roller Lifters – Tall Heads
 350 5.7  V8 Plastic Front Cover
 454 7.4  V8 330 HP 2 Piece Rear Main Seal
 454 7.4  V8 365 HP 2 Piece Rear Main Seal
 454 7.4  V8 330 HP 1 Piece Rear Main Seal
 454 7.4  V8 365 HP 1 Piece Rear Main Seal
 454 7.4  V8 Roller
 496 8.1  V8  
 502 8.2  V8 2 Piece Rear Main Seal
 502 8.2  V8 1 Piece Rear Main Seal

Marine Engine Repair Houston

 Got a damaged marine engine? We work with over 84 years of high end experience, there isn’t an engine that we can’t fix or manufacture easily usually in less that 36 hours. That includes not just standard auto engines, but marine engines from all kinds of manufacturers, makes, and models too. General Motors Marine Engine repair could seem like an endless struggle having to take your engine back into the dealership, or even having to leave your entire craft there for weeks.

Why deal with the hassle?

Tbolt can have your engine back up and running like new faster than anyone else in Houston. That’s the kind of hard work that you’re paying for with us. Not just a lengthy gimmick that can be stressful. We’ve got your back at Thunderbolt for all your marine engine repair Houston.

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We have been in business longer than anyone else has that you will find on the Internet. Our company has offered re-manufactured marine engines for over 84 years.

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