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Chrysler Marine Engines


CID Liters Cylinders Description
 318 5.2  V8  
 360 5.9  V8  
 440 7.2  V8  


Marine Engine Repair Houston

Please contact one of our representatives today for any information you need regarding Chrysler Marine Engines Repair! With over 84 years or experience, there isn’t an engine out there that we haven’t repaired or refurbished.

We can have you back up and riding the waves in no time. Don’t hesitate to get repairs done before a major problem occurs. Our specialists can assess and perform the correct repairs for any of your engine needs.

That’s what you get when you choose Thunderbolt for your Chrysler Marine Engines. Expect nothing but the finest quality of work and satisfaction from TBolt. We’ve been helping the greater Houston city area for OVER 84 years!!!


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 We use some of the latest and greatest tools in order to find the deep root of the engine problems. Thunderbolt brings marine engines back to life, sometimes even running better than new. We can assess design flaws or weakened parts that easily could come to you straight from the factory. Get the most out of your Chrysler marine engines today!

Looking for the right marine engine?

Chrysler Marine Engines may be the right choice. These machines are high performance and built to last a very very long time.  These engines can reach for power ranging from simple low HP engines, all the way up too the loud and proud cigarette boat rockers. Think about Thunderbolt Engines and Transmissions next time you need any kind of marine engine suppport.

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We have been in business longer than anyone else has that you will find on the Internet. Our company has offered re-manufactured marine engines for over 84 years.

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