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Automotive Repair Houston – Used Engines

A flash flood sweeps your neighborhood and numerous vehicles are covered in water. A drunk driver crosses the median and collides head on with another car, instanly killing those involved and spreading human remains throughout the interior and engine compartment of these cars.

These are tragic stories, but have you ever wondered what happens to these vehicles?

In many of these cases, the insurance companies determine that these vehicles can not be brought back to safe driving standards. Because they are not safe for your family to drive, they are sold to wrecking yards. Often times, the wrecking yard dismantles the car and removes individual parts off of it, including the engine.

These engines typically end up on ebay or are otherwise sold on the internet as used engines to unsuspecting buyers.

There have even been instances where human blood and remains were found on these used engines!

It may seem like an easy way to save money on your engine purchase, but can you afford to take a chance on a used engine?

You never really know what you are getting. Make sure the product you are spending your hard-earned money on is of the quality you deserve for automotive repair Houston.

With a re-manufactured engine, you are getting a quality product that is built to specifications as good or better than what the factory put into your vehicle when it was new. We take pride in producing ultimate tier remanufactured engines Houston. Our products will definitely be beyond your expectations.

When considering a re-manufactured engine vs a used engine, make sure you an answer the following questions to determine the quality of the engine you are getting.

⇒Is there hidden damage to my engine like microscopic cracks that may show up after my warranty has expired?

If your engine was in a wrecked car, this is a big possibility. However, with our re-manufactured block and new components, you can rest assured that your engine is in great condition!

⇒Can you be 100% sure of the mileage on this engine?

On a re-manufactured engine, you can be assured that the engine has had no in-vehicle miles put on it!

⇒Do you know how the engine has been treated and in what condition it is in?

With a re-manufactured engine, you know the utmost care has been given to build this engine to new-engine specifications. All the internal parts are new, and this engine can be trusted to last you a long time.

⇒Where did this engine come from?

Our re-manufactured engines are built using the finest new or core blocks and are built with brand new components!